Piyong Dolma

Helpful, knowledgeable and would recommend to others
We were looking to buy 2 rugs (living room and bedroom) for our flat. Searched online and my first point was a-z site. Found the rugs we liked but my husband found out they were made of polypropylene. Had no idea what they were so researched it online. Turns out it is synthetic and online articles and forums advised to buy a proper wool rug. Now searched online quite a bit and found out that the woollen rugs are expensive than polypropylene. Phew!!!.

Fast forward>> Somehow we found out Leon Norell Rugs and the rugs were woollen and most importantly the prices were close to our budget but it had no option to buy online. So my husband called Leon Norell Rugs asking if they sell online. He said no as he sells from the warehouse and his stocks keep changing. He said either we can visit the warehouse to buy or he can send us photos of the various rugs and we buy it over the phone and he ships them.

We decided to visit the warehouse and met Leon Norell the owner. He showed us around the warehouse and was amazed
the amount of choices. We liked one, then liked another, just could not make up our mind. Finally, we decided on 3 (his prices allowed 3 even though it was slightly over our budget). We asked him if we can return it should it does not look good in our flat. He said his return policy is 14 days but told us we can try it first at home and pay after a week. Since we had 14 days to return, we paid and are extremely happy.

A good buy that will last us for more than 30 years. He seemed genuine and honest and said he has been in the business for over 60 years. Would recommend to you all.
Last thing, I swear if my husband not searched what polypropylene meant, I would have bought it from the big a-z company. One cannot notice any difference between them or the woollen one.

Pros: Nice, knowledgeable man and very helpful.
Price. Half of what we saw online for similar rugs.
Cons: Had to go to the warehouse to view the rugs.