One of the most popular features to be found in the designs of Oriental rugs is the ‘Shah Abbas’ flower, named after 16thCentury Persian King Abbas, who ordained it to be incorporated into the. This flower is interpreted in different ways according to the cities in which the rugs are woven, particularly in Tabriz, Kashan, Isfahan, Nain and Meshed. So popular is this flower that, referred to as ‘Zeiglers’, aside of course in Iran, rugs are woven in this design in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The name ‘Zeigler’ is actually that of a 19th Century Zurich family which, replicating fragments of textile found in European museums, had rugs woven in the Persian city of Arak. Known as ‘Zeigler Mahals’, these came to be in great demand throughout the world in the 19th Century such that today, even if worn, they command good prices in the trade.

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